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Hello, Gorgeous!

Hello, Gorgeous, it’s me!


Yeah, I never thought I’d be doing my own blog and yet here I am.

It all started pretty innocently. I bought one of those magical gadgets, a Kindle, and got back into the game of reading – big time! And now there was this whole thing called M/M Romance, who knew. I wish it was around when I was just a tender gayling but, hey, better late than never.

Along the way I’ve met my siblings, you know who you are, from various corners of the world, that have made my life so much richer and fun and rewarding – I love the whole, crazy lot of you! Thanks! BTW, I still don’t know how you deal with all that cold up in Nova Scotia, but I’m fixin’ to go and find out!

A while ago one of my siblings invited me to join her in her blog, Attention Is Arbitrary, http://www.attentionisarbitrary.com/ and I did and wow, I’m really enjoying sharing my joy of all these marvelous, magical, sexy, damn well written books with the rest of the world. Score! And then life, as usual, throws a curve ball and my Lisa had to put her blog on hiatus to take care of, well, life.

As I started going into withdrawals it suddenly hit me! Look, a squirrel! No, seriously, I talked my very patient geek husband into helping me set up this here bloggy thingy – wooHOO!

Hopefully you’ll all enjoy some of the wonderful books I want to share, and event better will be when my good friend can come back and we can get back to our Gay Guy/Straight Girl reviews.

I love you and miss you, Lisa!


PS – I hope you stick around as I get more familiar with this, it’s all still voodoo to me, but then I do love me some adventure!