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Brobots – Brobots Trilogy Book One by Trevor Barton @Br0bots – #BOOKREVIEW #SCIENCEFICTION #LGBT #MMSCIENCEFICTION

Plug them in. Wish they never end.

Rod burners. Scaff dawgs. Laggers. Bucket dumpers. Lerps. Duct monkeys. Tin knockers. Lumbergs. Artificial big guys. Product of a troubled firm. Brobots.

They’re easy to treat like trash. But they’re not so easy to ignore; especially the ones experiencing “the wake up.” The idea was that they could work hidden in society’s plain sight, allowing humanity time to get used to the fact of sentient machines.

But it’s all too easy for others to take advantage of those who live on the edge. What they, and their allies, must do is work out who, and why, before it gets too late.

Brobots is a work of substantial science fiction with gay characters told across three continuous books.

Brobots, Brobots Trilogy Book 1 by Trevor Barton

Rating: 5.0 stars


I guess some things are just meant to be, eh? No, I am not Canadian and this book was truly serendipitous for me. I had been searching aimlessly on Amazon for some science fiction with gay characters when I came upon Brobots. What is this, thought I. It actually looked like good, quality science fiction with gay MCs. Something I could sink my teeth into just for my own enjoyment, so I one-clicked. Damn you Amazon and your one-click!

A few days later I received a message via my blog from Mr. Barton wondering if I was interested in reviewing his trilogy. I was so surprised I just sat there for a minute staring at the monitor and quickly answered him back.

Hey Bros, I’m so glad I got to know Mr. Barton!



Jared was immensely curious, a little (okay, a lot) geeky, loved to code, and to put it plainly just couldn’t leave this stunningly handsome broken machine behind in an oversized trashcan. Wiener and geekery were winning out over sanity…

He was adorable. He had a polished-looking button nose and big dark eyes peeking out from a chubby face. It would be puppy fat, but he somehow looked older than ‘twenties.’ Kind of Jared’s age: mid- to late thirties. He had something of a gentle look about him too. The craftsmanship was amazing.


Jared was indeed, by all measures, cute. He had looks. Blue eyes. Fair, short hair. He was tall, and built. Coding hadn’t done that, but dog walks and gym trips had done their work. He’d never considered himself to be a looker; always judging himself by what he wasn’t: not a model, not a bodybuilder, more of an otter than a bear, no longer young enough to be a twink. His penchant for scruffy clothes probably didn’t help. De rigueur though his outfits were for code monkeys, they might not be right for his age any more. A man couldn’t get away with tees, cargo pants and trainers much beyond 35.


I can’t tell you just how good this story is. It’s really, really good. Like hardcore science fiction good, enough to start me to get my geek on with the first book in the trilogy and a whole new, to me, trope. It’s set just far enough into the future to have it be real.

Do you have an Alexa? Perhaps one of those Google home things? I have an Alexa. I have two Alexas so I’m not far from her, ever. She controls our AC, which I’ve named Hal 9000. She controls our ‘smart’ air purifiers, which I’ve named Chucky 1 and Chucky 2. She starts my car from our apartment and sets the temperature on it so it’s warm/cool when I get to it (it’s a Florida thing). She controls all our lighting in the apartment through a hub, which I’ve named The Borg. Go ahead and ask Alexa if she’s Intelligent. Oh, go ahead. Really. And while you’re at it, ask her her IQ. I dare you.

So, what I was getting to is that in the next ten years, maybe even sooner, we’ll be seeing an exponential increase in AI and robotics. Are we ready? I think not, and that’s exactly what this book is all about. We are going to undergo seismic shifts in our lives and culture unlike any before, not even the industrial revolution. Hold on, sweetie, this is gonna be a hell of ride.

This story is about that shift and one potential outcome. It’s timely, well set in the time continuum, and has excellent nods to a group that ‘may’ have just gained legality but will struggle with acceptance and pushbacks for years to come. LGBTQ, anyone? It even has the development of new, non-conventional family structures. Color me surprised.

The ending is phenomenal. Took me by surprise, that’s how deep I let myself fall into the story. Well done, Mr. Barton.

Please think of Book 1 in the trilogy as the appetizer and soup in a multi-course dinner. There’s a deeper story yet to develop and I, for one, can’t wait!

Oh, one last thing about the story: have you ever wondered what it feels like for an android to have sex? Well, what are you waiting for? Come and find out.


Mr. Barton’s writing was crisp, well-crafted, and to the point. It’s not florid and it doesn’t go into a lot of needless detail. Yeah, it’s a tad geeky and that’s part of what makes the book so enjoyable.

The characters are well developed for a science fiction book. This isn’t a romance book, boys and girls, it’s science fiction. Good, solid science fiction and yes, some darn hot sex! Yes, there are relationships that are well crafted in the book, but we don’t need to get deep into why Jared does what he does. Suffice it to say that it’s adequately covered in the book and let’s get on to the shenanigans at hand, and those there are aplenty!


© Istvan Prem, used with permission
© Istvan Prem, used with permission

Trevor Barton was born on the south coast of England to a biker and a supermarket attendant (whose brother was a trucker). He got sent to Air Training Corps for toughening up. His curious local town was into line dancing and hard-line Baptist theology (making it closer in vibe perhaps to a southern US State than to South East England).

“Myth of the Cyborg: The Perpetuation of a Cultural Fantasy” was the title of his M.A. Dissertation in 1998. Part of this involved studying the philosophy of artificial intelligence with Ray Monk and looking at issues in representation with Deniz Göktürk (now at Berkeley).

There not being many jobs in Cyborgology, Trevor took the editorial helm of a U.K. search engine (because Google U.K. had not been heard of then). His tie-in magazine had distribution throughout the U.K. and the actor who plays Blackadder’s Baldric was the advertising voice.

With later jobs involving a great deal of U.S. business travel he’s published globally recognized websites, bar-crawled around Nashville and taken sidewalks with alligators in Florida. He’s also slept rough (for charity), established a peace center, helped save four lives, been ordained as a Buddhist and cleaned satellite dishes with a mop and bucket.

Trevor has lived experience with mental health. His mother died when he was 16 and his father was disabled. Trevor lives in the U.K. with his husbear.


Hey ma, look! There’s no disclaimer. I bought the whole darned series just before Mr. Barton reached out to me. So there, Claire!

Copyright © 2016 by Trevor Barton All rights reserved.
Produced in the United Kingdom  
First Edition, December 2016
Jacket design “Emotional Uprising” by the author.
Middle Earth NF font by Nick Curtis (cover) and Streetwear font by Artimasa (cover) via (FFCU license.)

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Dancing Men – Hunter and Cam – by @Adira_August #BOOKREVIEW #MMROMANCE #EROTICA #BDSM

Rating: 5.0 stars


You can read this book stand-alone. There’s plenty of information about what happened in the first two parts of Hunt and Cam’s story for you to easily follow their relationship arc. The mysteries are always complete within the stories.

BUT – if you’re a romance lover, the relationship story is not a romance. It is a love story. But it’s also the story of two independent Alpha males: one gay and one bisexual, one Dom and one switch with a preference for BDSM. And they aren’t simple, take from someone who shares headspace with them.

I love these guys. They surprise me and challenge me and break my heart, sometimes. They inspire me. Just some FYI for the new readers. Hi. Welcome.



You have to bury the past, or the past will bury you.

An ancient burial urn, empty for millennia, is suddenly not so empty.

When Detective Lieutenant Hunter Dane probes the murder at Natural History Museum, it’s his own past that haunts him. To solve the complex case, Hunter needs the talents of Camden Snow, the brilliant, beautiful, “no limits” Dom who’d helped him unravel a very peculiar, and very personal, murder.

But Cam’s ready to kill Hunt, himself! Their high-intensity D/s relationship that began in a playroom, ended in an emergency room.

“If you want to be with me, you’ll have to do more make some big re-entry gesture,” Cam said. “That’s just more drama. You’ll have to work for this, Hunter.”

“All right. What work would that be?” Hunter asked, eager to perform any penance Cam gave him.

“You’re the champion puzzle-solver and ace detective. Unravel a mystery.”

Hunter’s brows pulled together. “What mystery?”



Having read the two previous books, On His Knees and Matchstick Men, thanks to being prompted by a very dear author friend of mine, I had already pre-ordered Dancing Men. Imagine my utmost delight when Ms. August emailed me and asked if I’d be interested in an Advance Review Copy of her new work. Duh! But of course, mon cher.

This being the third book in the series, I was already familiar with the two MC’s and thirsting for some more Hunt and Cam, and in this the book delivers in spades, and more. These two characters deliver an action packed ride, never boring and always intense and always hold true to their personas. They don’t veer off making you go ‘huh?’ Two strong alpha types, testing each other’s limits to see who comes out the winner. One of the beautiful things in this book is to see how their relationship starts to mature and become a real relationship, not just a friends with bennies thing.

Freakin’ awesome!


Hunter Dane:

Hunter Dane was at least 6’2,” which she hadn’t seen in the diner where he’d always been sitting. He was lean and well-muscled, like an athlete, not a gym bunny. The head of a black panther covered most of his right pec. Golden eyes. A paw, claws digging into flesh, rounded his right biceps. On the left, the panther’s tail wrapped around his arm just below the shoulder.

Sexy, hot, dark and handsome Hunter Dane. A photographer’s model who had used his stunning good looks, posing for romance book covers and other modeling gigs, to pay his way through college, is the ultimate alpha male. Inaccessible, not making intimate emotional connections with anyone, always using sex to simply release his tensions whether as a top with women or as willing, submitting masochist sub with men. Except for the one he was drawn to like a moth to flame. Cam. Cameron Caulfield Snow. His ultimate downfall.

Cameron Caulfield Snow – ‘Cam’:

I was looking for Cam. Camden Caulfield Snow. Earner of five Gold and two Silver winter Olympic medals, his classic blond beauty graced a billion drink cups and a thousand Tumblr blogs – a Norse god in the guise of unpretentious youth… A gentle soul morphed with a supremely competitive, athletically gifted, Alpha male… Only his steel blue eyes gave evidence of the Dom who took whomever he wished, whatever way he wanted, with a look and a nod.

From:On His Knees, Hunt&Cam4ever, Book 1, Adira August

Strikingly handsome, twenty three year old Camden Snow. Multi gold winning Olympic athlete, an athlete at the very top of his Olympic winter sport, a Norse God of a man, all golden blond with a beard to match, all muscles and 100% alpha dom. When you subbed for Cam, you subbed at his complete whim. No safewords, no hard limits, no prevarications. He alone would determine your limits, what you wanted and he could read you like the back of his hand. And there was one man he had been waiting for, the one man he wanted most of all. Hunter Dane. A true Dom/sadist.


So here’s the amazing thing about Adira August: she gives you a story!

No really, there’s a story here, actually two stories. There’s the love story that is Hunt and Cam and then there’s the story in which all this develops, the whodunit of a murder in a museum, with the backdrop of ancient burial urns from millennia artifacts from India, an old turn of the 20th Century love story with a family drama wrapped in a scandal. This is seriously good story telling, no kidding. I couldn’t put this down.

The love story between Hunt and Cam is a beauty to behold. The way these two alpha men come into their own with each other is extremely well crafted and remember, Hunt was given a task: unravel the mystery that is Cam. I want to know your reaction to this. Please let me know. I know my reaction and rarely have I had this happen to me in a book.

And then there is the adult portion of the story. Holy Cow, Batman! These are some of the hottest, most intense BDSM, Sadist/Masochist, D/s scenes I’ve ever read. Sit down, buckle up, and shut up! Just enjoy! There is one BDSM scene that is rarely seen in print in this story and the way Ms. August gets into it, describes it, goes into the feelings and sensations? Wow! Just wow! Only someone who has experienced this knows that it is spot freakin’ on! Take a bow, Ms. August.

I literally read this in one day, non-stop, fixated, just getting up to get some munchies and adult beverages every once in a while. Yeah. That’s pretty darn good for me, I’m not a read it in one sitting kind of guy. To me a book is like a fine candy, or wine, something to be slowly savored and enjoyed. This was a Thanksgiving Day, burst at the seams, joyful binge.


Ms. August’s writing is silky smooth, well constructed and utterly enjoyable. The prose simply flows, allowing for an easy, effortless enjoyment of the story. This is what makes good writing, when the reader can just get lost in the story and become one with the characters.

The attention to detail is phenomenal. Every police/investigative detail is very well done. The secondary characters are well developed in their own right, so much so that I would love to read more about some of them in other, future books.



I write mostly BDSM EROTICA because I love exploring the power dynamics in terms of the love relationships. The work is explicit. It’s always consensual. If you have triggers about certain kinds of practices, use discretion. I do not make kink lists for my titles.

I went to school interminably, it seemed like. I studied anthropology and paleontology and genetics and literature and theology and ancient Greek. I chased down bad guys, raised children, climbed mountains, played poker, searched for dinosaurs and have had a rather large number of lovers. (I’m not giving up any numbers because TMI) Through it all, I wrote.

No wonder I’m so tired.


I would like to thank Adira August for providing OJ He Say! with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Copyright © 2017 Adira August
All rights reserved.
This is a work of fiction.
Names, characters, places and incidents are either wholly sprung from the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

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Time to catch up! #MMROMANCE

Reading Time

I want to give everyone a catch up on what is going on.

Because life and what happens, and then darned Hurricane Irma, I haven’t been able to update as frequently as I’d like, however, that is about to change.

I will be getting caught up with some of the ARCs that are in my queue. Some I’ve already read and just need to give a thoughtful review for; some are in some stage of reading; some are in queue; some are new requests that I need to go through. Regardless, all of the ARCs I have accepted will be reviewed and promoted.
I may not get to them in the exact order they were accepted, but they will be reviewed.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and give me your valuable feedback, whatever that may be.

Live long and prosper.


Home, by Donna McIntosh – A Gay Guy/Straight Girl Co-review

Gay Guy/Straight Girl Co-Review
Gay Guy/Straight Girl Co-Review

Lisa’s Rating: 2.5 Stars
OJ’s Rating: 3.0 Stars
Lisa’s Review: Attention Is Arbitrary


Every detective has one criminal he wants to bring to justice–the one who skates around the edges of the underground world, but always has an alibi and can’t be pinned down for a single crime. For LAPD Detective Sean Riker, that criminal is Mitchell Yates. Riker thinks he finally has Yates and decides to pull him in for questioning. Instead, Yates saves Sean’s life when he takes a bullet to the shoulder. The shooting hasn’t stopped and escape routes are blocked. Yates does the only thing he can. Transports Riker to his HOME–a manmade satellite orbiting Earth. Now Riker faces a choice–Remain with the LAPD…or join the Keepers’ mission.



This book really called out to me. I mean, what’s not to like. Cops. Badass men. Space stations. Possessive exes. Hell, it’s a gay geek’s wet dream come true, right? The short answer: Yes. The longer answer: keep reading.


I loved the cover.
I loved the premise.
I loved the first chapter.



Mitchell ‘Yana’ Yates:

Never in his forty-three years had he met someone who unsettled him so, and he hated himself for letting Yates get to him. He didn’t rattle easily, but there was something about this Mitchell Yates, with his six-foot figure, perfect teeth, emerald green eyes framed with long, thick eyelashes, and dark hair that tried to curl no matter how much he slicked it back.

Detective Sean Hennessey:

Hot, hunky, blond, furry Sean Hennessey has lived the life of a lonely cop, not wanting to come out and experience life, living a lonely existence, until he meets up with Mitchell Yates. He suspects Yates is deeply involved in nefarious activities, and yet there’s something more that calls to Sean, something he doesn’t begin to realize until he’s embroiled in the fantastical happenings after Yates saves his life.


Detective Sean Hennessey

Rugged, determined police detective, Sean Hennessey is about to discover a whole new world and have his life turned upside down. Sean’s looks aren’t described until the last fifteen percent of the book, so I had a very hard time creating a mental image of him.

Mitchell Yates (Yana)

Cool, calm, collected, Yana, is nothing that Sean thinks he is.



This is a good, solid science fiction premise: the LAPD detective following a strange character that seems to be present at various crime scenes, always with a perfect alibi that he feels deep down is BS. The sexy, alluring character that calls to the lonely detective and the truth behind it all. Yate/Yana is part of the Peace Keepers, a secret space faring, peace keeping people that have parked their space stations, at least some of them, around Earth – trying to keep Earth from making a mess of itself. Yates/Yana is drawn to the hot Earth detective and yet Yana has a former fling, Jimmy, that refuses to acknowledge that his and Yana’s moment was just that, a fling, and instead insists on stalking Yana and generally making nuisance of himself. Add in the standard space travel and medical wonders of the future/alien civilizations and you have the ingredients for a solid science fiction MM book.


This is where I was thrown for a loop. I was expecting a story that I didn’t get. I was so excited to read about a good guy chasing a bad guy around the galaxy and ultimately falling in love. Instead what this book was about was an earth guy discovering a super-secret protection agency stationed in near space. Much of the book is about Sean settling into life on the space station and coming to terms with leaving Earth permanently. Eventually the two mc’s do get to seek adventure in the stars, but it’s all very cordial and too perfect with rather cliche sci-fi adventure tropes. I was left feeling disappointed.

The first 40 percent of the book is all relationship development and world building. Then a few missions ensue, but everything is too convenient, too perfect.

At one point Sean has been training for a year for his first mission, he’s ready to go, but he isn’t briefed. Unlikely. He steps aboard the transport ship to take himself and Yana on their mission and it’s all brand new to Sean. Really? After a year of training? It’s just too unbelievable.

The story ends with Sean writing in a previously unforeseen diary to sum things up in a profound way. Even that just didn’t fit for me. Sean isn’t really a profound, diary writing kind of guy. Yana maybe, but not Sean.



The writing is good. It flows well, no hiccups, with good editing and follow through, it just doesn’t deliver solidly in the science fiction genre. I’m left asking who are the Peace Keepers? Where did they come from? What is the end game here? What happens to Jimmy? Where do they go from here?

The MM Romance angle is good, not bad, and the sex scenes are also good, not bad, there’s just a certain science fiction spark that’s missing – and I’m a huge science fiction guy. It’s all here, it just needs to be connected and lit up so it goes *kaboom*. Give me more background, give me more geekiness, give me more.

Don’t get me wrong, please. It’s enjoyable, it’s well written, I just want some more delivery.


I found the writing sophomoric and amateurish. I believe (and I may be mistaken) that this was written as a series of shorts and brought together to create a novel. If that is true it may explain the disjointed feel to the book.

Ultimately there was a lack of connection with plot, writing, and characters throughout the story.


For Lisa

1) What did you think of the sex scenes?
2) Was it too idyllic?
3) Is there someone you’d like to hear more about?

For OJ

1) Book two???
2) How did you feel about the godzilla-like reptile adventure?
3) Did you, like me, enjoy the concept of Home? The facility.


I would like to thank Donna McIntosh and Wayward Ink Publishing for providing OJ He Say! with a copy in exchange for my honest review.


DONNA McINTOSH was born in Elmira, New York, grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, married a Texan and has lived all over Texas for the last thirty-plus years. Donna has four children, ran a Day Care Center for many years and has written fan fiction since she was thirteen.

Donna loves long walks so her mind can ramble. She loves reading and her tastes run from Historical novels, to Sci-Fi, Westerns, Classics, all the way to WWII and biographies. In short, anything that catches her eye.

Donna loves total quiet, very little TV, occasional movies, wildlife, beaches, birds, cats, newborn babies, flowers, and great big smiles. Oh, and hugs!

She hates flying, total darkness, people who talk endlessly about themselves, intolerance, and bigotry.

Donna’s biggest asset? Her wild and endless imagination.

Her biggest flaw? She’s a Libran and simply cannot make a decision!

DONNA McINTOSH can be found at:

Copyright © 2016 by Donna McIntosh
Cover Art by: Adrian Rafail

Wayward Ink Publishing
Unit 1, No. 8 Union Street
Tighes Hill, NSW, 2297, Australia.
eBook ISBN: 978-1-925222-85-2