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Snowed In – by @Adira_August #PreOrder #MMROMANCE #EROTICA #BDSM #Hunt&Cam4EverSeries

Snowed In – Hunt&Cam4Ever 4


Excerpt from Snowed In:

Cam regarded Hunter seriously. “I can’t flog you, Hunter. Not like before, we talked about this.”

“I – just – you do that in sex, too, don’t you? You’re a fucking Dominant sadist.”

“Yeah. And sometime I will flog you, Hunter, trust me. And we’ll both enjoy it, in our own ways,” he said. “But not for this, not now. You need to go to the club.”

He was referring to Scene and Not Heard, the very discreet BDSM club where they had met and Hunt had knelt. Only four weeks had passed since that night, but with all they’d been through, it seemed like months.

“Why would I go to the club? I just said I was feeling peaceful and safe.”

“But you aren’t,” Cam said. “Not inside. So you started thinking about that night, about me giving you what you needed. I can’t. It would get all tangled up with feelings and sex. What we have, it’s just too fragile.”

Hunter huffed a bitter laugh. “I can’t go to the club for it, anymore, either.”

Cam frowned. “Tell me.”

Hunter sighed and shifted until his knee rested on Cam’s cast, and they were facing each other more directly.

“The Doms, most of them, it’s sexual for them. They use me to get off.” Hunt shook his head at Cam’s startled and none-too-pleased look. “No, you were the first who – it was a hard limit, no one touched my asshole.”

Cam relaxed. “I heard. You had many hard limits. You didn’t swallow, either. Why?”

“It wasn’t fair to ask them to give me what I needed, to help me get where I had to go and not give them something back. They got off on me in a lot of ways. One of them used to hold my head down and shove his dick between my chin and neck.”

“No shit? Must be the all-around rasp,” he mused. “Your 5 o’clock shadow is more an inky darkness.”

Hunter shrugged and pulled the afghan tightly around himself as the wind’s muffled howl became louder. “They came on me and over me and against me. They used my mouth. But I never swallowed. I didn’t let them in me.”

“But you did all that for me, Hunter.”

Hunt’s gut clenched in response to the intimate tone that made him stretch and fill.

“What else will you do for me?” Cam held him with a searing look and pulled his shirt off.

Hunter felt the familiar tightening in his core at the sight of Cam’s bare torso in the lamplight. He was wide and solid, his chest deep. A line of light highlighted the slope from shoulder to neck, casting a deep shadow in the hollow behind Cam’s clavicle that Hunter longed to have his tongue in.

“Anything,” Hunter answered.


Snowed In is the fourth title in the award-nominated Hunt&Cam4Ever series

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