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Wow, so they’re right. It really does get better. I’m still trying to figure who ‘they’ is. At the moment I’m leaning towards a vast conspiracy of biblical proportions, but ‘they’ are right!

As a kid I was an avid reader. I could get lost in the worlds of Asimov and Heinlein and historical novels and numerous other genres and be happy as a clam. A single kid when I was young, nothing was better than a good book, and then as the years went by and one gets busy, starts getting more involved with life and things, I slowly stopped reading until one day I discovered The Kindle! What an amazing thing an e reader is. I can take it everywhere and I don’t have to have all these books lying around occupying space. Slowly I started exploring around, seeing what genres appealed to me in this stage of my life and I discovered M/M. Hot doggety! Oh, yeah, come to papa. I still read my old stand byes, science fiction and historical novels but my main love is this genre of M/M. Alpha types, swashbuckling pirates, paranormal, modern contemporary, military, rom-coms, you name it I love them all and I want to share the gems I’ve found along the way.

I am extremely fortunate to have found some amazing friends through my books and reviews and even more fortunate to have such a supportive, amazing husband that indulges me in my little book fetish. There’s other fetishes, but we won’t talk about those. Yes, I’m a dude married to a dude. I know, shocking!

I now get to share my good fortune and love of this genre with all of you, and have a total blast while doing it!!

Reach out if you wish. I don’t bite. At first. We’ll talk about that later on when we get there.

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