Where There’s A Will (Panopolis #3), by Cari Z

Where There's A Will
Where There’s A Will
Rating: 4.5 stars


Being a Hero in Panopolis means living the high life: parties, money, influence, even reality television. And I’m one of the most powerful Heroes in the city. I have plenty of fans, a manager who looks out for me (after himself), and a job that pays the bills. I should be enjoying myself.

Unfortunately, the downside of my superpower means I can’t touch anyone, which tends to put a damper on things. I probably don’t deserve all those perks anyway, since I’m working in secret with two of Panopolis’s biggest Villains to undermine GenCorp— my main sponsor and the company that controls what gets through my force field.

I obviously don’t trust my corporate overseers, but they’ve hired a new scientist who actually seems interested in helping me. Dr. Mansourian might have the answers to all my questions— not to mention a starring role in most of my dreams— but he’s hiding something big. If I let him have what he wants, I might not live to regret it.

Then again, the way things are going in Panopolis these days, I might not live either way.

Where There’s A Will

I had already read the two previous Panopolis universe books by Cari Z and, truth be told, it’s such a wonderful universe. Creating this universe populated with Heroes and Villains was, I felt, one of those strokes of literary lightning that hit every once in a while, and the way she carries it out? Yeah, good stuff!

We finally get some good answers. Lots of good answers to the questions started in the two previous books: GenCorp, Freight Train, Mr. Fabulous, Morpho Girl, the City of Panopolis, and most interestingly of all SuperTruther!


Craig Haney, A.K.A. Freight Train:

Craig Haney wasn’t an exciting guy. I’d been a fairly average kid, raised by my grandmother after my parents were killed during a battle between Earthquake and Sky King. I’d grown into a fairly average man who wasn’t smart enough to make it through college, so I’d gone into the police academy instead. I’d been a decent cop, but that was all I’d been. Then came the accident, and shortly after that, Freight Train was born.

Ari Mansourian:

I almost did a double take. I hadn’t even noticed the man standing there, and I definitely had reason to. …his suit had reasserted itself, as had the gray shirt he wore, and a tie that just barely kept him from being completely monochrome thanks to a faint white pinstripe running through the fabric. His blue eyes seemed bigger when I stood a few feet from him, accentuated by those thick black frames. I couldn’t make myself look away.


This is a phenomenal universe that Cari Z created. If you like the whole super hero story line, and a lot of us seem to considering movie box office proceeds, then this is fantastic! She’s created a complete universe where the Heroes and Villains co-exist with the rest of us in modern day, 21st Century America, complete with product placements, sponsorship, marketing collaterals, agents, and action figures. If you haven’t read the first two Panopolis books, I urge you to read them first as they all flow in sequence. This is the third, and hopefully not the final, episode in the series and all of the secondary characters come back, along with the previous main characters now in supporting roles.

In Where There’s a Will we get answers to the questions from the first two books and get the story of Craig Haney, Freight Train, and the guy he falls head over heels for, Dr. Ari Mansourian. We get to see how The Mad Bombardier, Raul, and Mastermind, Edward Dinges (Freight Train’s previous love interest) are getting along and what they’re up to. Sorry, no spoilers as Bombardier and Mastermind play an important part of this story. We get to re-visit the infamous Abattoir prison and the evil Dr. Steuben, and we finally get a glimpse into just who SuperTruther is!


Groovy stuff here, boys and girls. This is super hero story-telling at its finest, with the traditional super hero story arc and surprising plot twists. The story flows smoothly, no hiccups or rough sentence structures. Solid, good editing and beta/proof reading, no typos. You can just sit back and immerse yourself in a great story, buckle up and enjoy the ride. One of the hallmarks I’ve found with publishing houses such as Riptide and a few others. If you want to escape and enjoy a good book, this is it.


I would like to thank Cari Z and Riptide Publishing with providing OJ He Say! with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


Cari Z is a Colorado girl who loves snow and sunshine. She likes edged weapons, prefers books to television shows, and goes weak at the knees for interesting men and exciting explosions (but not at exactly the same time— that would be so messy).

Where There’s a Will
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